The Mayfair Tower took into consideration the project’s premier location at the heart of Manila’s best and its proximity to the country’s major tourist and business destinations. The spacious residential units are designed for comfort and convenience with a perfect view of scenic Manila Bay. When completed in early 2009, Mayfair Tower was an instant stand out as one of the most coveted residential condominiums in the city of Manila and continues to be so even until today.

Amenities, Services, and other Features

Amenities include:

  1. Landscape Garden
  2. Sauna/Spa
  3. Fitness Gym
  4. 2 Function Area
  5. Lap Pool
  6. Children’s Pool
  7. He/She Toilet

Features include:

  1. 24-hour security
  2. 7 level of parking
  3. 3 high-speed elevators
  4. Automatic fire alarm and sprinkler system

Safety features include:

  1. Building life safety compliance to local fire code and NFPA 101 safety code
  2. Semi-addressable Fire Detection and Alarm System
  3. Automatic Fire Sprinkler System (AFSS)
  4. Dual fire escape locations at all levels
  5. Fire rated residential doors
  6. Security intercom
  7. All equipment provided with accessible clearance for maintenance